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Below are just a few of the recent letters or emails Heritage has received from our valued clients, patients and/or family members regarding our home healthcare services:

Heritage Services@Home:

As our 89 year-old mother continued to need more day-to-day care, my family hired Heritage due to their excellent reputation.  Heritage’s staff helps my mother with her hygiene, dressing, meals, companionship, organizing her living area and, in general, just makes her feel special.  The caregivers assigned to my mother have continually shown their warmth, caring and compassionate side along with always being reliable and trustworthy.  Plus, the office staff is friendly, efficient and always keeps us informed of any changes.  I would not hesitate to recommend Heritage!

Sandy, JoAnn & Becky

Heritage  Hospice:

The Baczek family says thank you to Diana, Linda, Annie, Vicky, Swana and all who helped us!  When we started with your service, we thought we still had at least 6 months with our mom, but instead we got 3 weeks. Thanks to all of you who showed mom and us love and respect in her final weeks. You are all amazing and we know you are “just doing your job”, but to us, you did so much more. Words are few….appreciation is endless. You are all angels to us!!”

The Baczek Family


Home Health:

Sarah couldn’t have been more compassionate, caring, understanding and efficient.  We would highly recommend Heritage to family and friends.


Kristin gave wonderful care.  Her knowledge impressed us and our family learned a lot that will help for the rest of our lives.


Heritage Healthcare of Northern New Mexico:

Naomi worked with my family in taking care of my mother.  My siblings and I are so grateful that she was thee to make things easier.  On the first day she came, Naomi saw exactly what was needed and made my mother comfortable from the beginning.  My mother was treated with respect, attention was paid to small details, extra care was given in meal preparation and in bathing.  She even treated my mom’s cats and dog very kindly.  Naomi’s smile and ease made all of us feel happy and relaxed.


What Our Google Reviewers Are Saying!

I highly recommend Heritage after both personal and professional experience. My mom received Heritage home physical therapy after a knee replacement and her therapist, Stephanie, was amazing! She treated my mom with respect and kindness. One one of her visits, she noticed my dad (not the patient) was pale and and just not himself. Stephanie called me, and thanks to her insight, I was able to quickly get my dad to the ER and found he was having a cardiac event. Good news, both my mom and dad are doing great now! More good news--Years later, I had the opportunity to join Heritage as a hospice nurse. I am so blessed to work with the most caring team I have known. I would recommend Heritage to anyone and would be grateful to have any of the staff take care of either of my parents.

I write this as someone who has seen this company as both a consumer and as an employee. First, as a consumer. My mom is living with Parkinson's. The loss of her independence is difficult on many levels. She does not need continual care right now, but does need some help to keep living life as fully as possible. Her wonderful caregiver never makes my mom feel "less than". She comes along side my mom and helps her to keep doing that which she loves--especially in cooking and sewing. I am forever grateful for that. As a chaplain here, this is the best and most caring place I have ever worked. If the treatment of employees is any indicator of a good place, then know, Heritage is the best. People here take time to ask after one another's families and watch out for one another. I couldn't ask for a better place to work.

Amazing place to work! The people I work with are providing excellent. compassionate care to our patients and their families. Our values say it all: Quality, Trust, Ownership, One-Team and Caring. If you are looking for a great place to work or are in need of care for a loved one at end of life, this is the place!!!!!

Heritage Home Healthcare provides wonderful, quality services to our community. From homemakers and caregivers, to skilled services (such as nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, etc) and even hospice care. Heritage employees are compassionate and caring, they are among the best in the industry! I feel honored to work with such an amazing group of people working as one team to serve the community and provide the best possible care!

We used Heritage's Hospice Services for my Aunt last summer. They were so nice and took great care of her. They Kept my family well informed and we there whenever we called! We would definitely use them again and would highly recommend them to everyone!

Heritage is a great place to work. Our values of Quality, Trust, Ownership, One Team and Caring are lived everyday by staff and management alike. To work here you must have a personal commitment to these values. We all work together to bring the very best is Hospice care to our patients and families.

For years, Heritage provided essential services for my mother. She has since passed away but my family and I are forever grateful for the wide range of services they provided which included personal care to Hospice. The office staff, caregivers, nurses and Chaplin were exceptional!

Heritage is an amazing company to work for, with an amazing management team. I would be comfortable sending any of the staff to care for my own family members. They actually appreciate and reward employees for providing quality service.

“Here’s to the stagehands. The people who work tirelessly behind the curtain so that someone else’s story can shine. Who show up for every scene, not just the last. The people who light up the stage with compassion, but who refuse to stand in the spotlight. These are the people of Heritage!” I feel blessed to work with such a stellar group of individuals who are so passionate and dedicated to the service of patients, clients, and family members!

As an employee: The hospice team has the most compassionate, competent and caring group of people. I am privileged to work beside them. As a consumer: My parents have been cared for by a wonderful group of Homecare professionals (RN,PT, PTA, MSW).

My Dad is receiving multiple services after a long stint in the hospital. The Heritage staff has been professional, timely and competent. Our family is very pleased with the high level of care being provided!

Thank you Heritage for the compassionate care that you all gave to my grandmother! She definitely enjoyed all of the services provided by your team! She still talks about Jeff!

Great place to work! Genuinely kind hearted people. I would trust Heritage with the care of my loved ones.

A great place to work. Caring and loyal staff make all the difference and allow Heritage to provide excellent care for our patients.

Heritage Helping Hands provided companionship care to my Dad. My sister and I took comfort knowing when we couldn't be there, he had someone at home showing him care, compassion and respect. Thank you Heritage!

Heritage Home Healthcare and Hospice is fantastic! I am continually impressed by the high level of care and commitment this company displays in serving the home healthcare needs of the community.

Best place to work. I love my job.

The best place to work, with supportive and wonderful kind team members. I can tell from the inside the jobs people hold are more than just a job, it's a passion of caring for those they take care of.