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Diabetes Management

For our Diabetes Management program offered in both New Mexico and Arizona, Heritage has a Certified Diabetic Educator on staff in Albuquerque who also is a consultant for other offices.   Key elements of the Diabetes Management program are teaching the seven (7) healthcare behaviors:

1. Health Eating.  Better food choices, proper portion sizes, carbohydrate portion control using ADA diet, not skipping means and customized diabetic meal plans.  Sample meal plans in picture and written form which are easy to understand.

2. Being Active.  Follow exercise plan with physician’s approval and diabetic shoes when indicated.

3. Monitoring.  Glocose monitoring schedule, recording glucose levels and when to notify physician.  Monitoring of blood pressure and lipids.

4. Taking Medications.  Take medications as prescribed, no missed doses.  If applicable, preparation and administration of insulin, injection site rotation.

5. Problem Solving.  Signs and symptoms of hypoglycemia, action to take including when to call physician about glucose levels, and prevention. 

6. Healthy Coping.  Healthy coping strategies and how to get support from others.

7. Reducing Risk.  When to get regular follow-up with primary care physician, podiatry and eye doctor including labs that need to be done and safe A1C levels.  How to do daily food checks, food care, sick day care and when to call physician.

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